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Mold Remediation Services Los Altos

Mold virtually grows on any substance where it gets moisture. If remained untreated for a long period of time, it results into serious property damage and heavy financial losses. Mold exposure can create severe health issues which are seriously deadly to kids, infants, elderly people and those who already have respiratory diseases such as:
•Respiratory Infection
•Asthma and Bronchitis
•Chronic Cough and Cold
•Wheezing and Sneezing
•Itchy and Painful Eyes
•Redness in Eyes
•Skin Rashes and Allergic Infections

Call Water Damage Los Altos immediately if you suspect or detect musty odor or black, brown or green colored stains in your house or on office walls, ceilings, wooden cabinets or flooring. These are clear signs of mold intrusion in your building structure. We’ll respond quickly and start the mold testing, inspection and humidity and moisture level measurement procedures.

The best technique we use to clear the mold damage is dry ice blasting which can easily remove mold from wood, aluminum, brick, stucco, glass, fiberglass and stainless steel. The dry ice blasting technique removes mold 60 to 300 % faster and more efficiently as compared to other conventional procedures. It has been proven as the most effectual technique to remove mold spores from a surface. We are one of the very few mold damage restoration companies that use this technique in our mold remediation jobs. Once the property has been restored, we provide a fantastic warranty on all the restoration jobs we performed on your home or office.


Listed below are some basic steps to avoid mold growth completely:
•Control the moisture and humidity levels; address water issues rapidly.
•Emit dryers and other moisture sources to the outside.
•Use air conditioners and dehumidifiers to maintain high indoor humidity levels.
•Clean and dry out all the wet surfaces within 48 hours maximum.
•Shield cold surfaces and cold water pipes to trim down compression.