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Fire Damage and Smoke Removal Services Los Altos

Fire and Smoke damage is undoubtedly a terrible trauma for any property owner or occupant. Fire generally embraces everything that it comes in contact with. You can definitely minimize its destruction and avoid any additional disaster as well if you respond immediately. Call Water Damage Los Altos right at the moment the fire fighters extinguish the fire. We’ll come out right away and take care of all the restoring needs and bring your property right back to its normal condition.

Our team of fire damage restoration experts will arrive at your site within 45 minutes of your call and start the restoration from assessment of the damage to identifying the cause of the fire. Once we properly evaluate the property we move ahead with surface and content cleaning plus recovery of the affected area. Items that have been damaged by smoke and soot residue are more difficult to clean as compared to simply fire burnt items. Professional cleaning is required to remove smoke as it creeps into the pores of surfaces. Smoke residue leaves stains and odors which are really not easy to remove without professional assistance. Unprofessional efforts made to remove the odors and stains can make the surfaces and furniture unsalvageable forever.

You don’t have to worry about any pros and cons of fire and smoke damage restoration when your property is being restored by Water Damage Los Altos. We offer smart fire and smoke damage restoration services including:
•Evaluation and Documentation of the damaged area.
•Damage clean up and Surface Cleaning
•Content Cleaning and Board Up
•Odor Removal
•Removal of Stains from walls, ceilings and flooring
•Restoration of damaged structural parts
•Water Extraction and Damage Restoration

Water Damage Los Altos is available 24/7 at your convenience. We are committed to accommodate all of your fire and smoke damage needs. Call us anytime you need fire and smoke damage restoring services. We provide you with a free quote well before we finalize the contract with you. This free quote will be totally free and will clearly state the total time and cost of the work that is needed.